SEE J Pegado Advogados's main acting areas

Real State Law

Juridic Services
Acts in the legal structuring of large real estate projects, including allotments, condominiums and real estate developments for the residential and commercial segment.

  • Assistance in the purchase and sale, incorporation, barter and lease, with the preparation of the respective opinions and contracts;
  • Advice and consultancy for the construction of the enterprise;
  • Advice and consultancy for the approval of the project with the competent public agencies, including environmental inspection entities;
  • Orientation to liquidators and property and condominium managers;
  • Advice to developers, real estate agents and builders;
  • Condos Convention, general rules and bylaws;
  • Actions relating to real estate matters;
  • Eviction actions and collection of rents and other credits arising from lease agreement.

Corporate Law - Business

Juridic Services
It participates in corporate operations, acting in the constitution and structuring of corporate companies (Limited Company, Holding Company, Special Purpose Company, Corporation, Joint Stock Company, etc.), foundations, NGOs and associations, as well as adopting all necessary steps to obtain their registration with the respective registration bodies.

  • Opening and closing of companies;
  • Analysis and preparation of business contracts;
  • Preparation, using modern procedures, minutes, statutes and social contracts;
  • Legal support in mergers and mergers between companies;
  • Analysis of public deeds, agreements and contracts;
  • Appeals and lawsuits for the recovery of tax credits;
  • Planning, studies of alternatives and implementation of corporate reorganizations;
  • Planning and execution of IPO and IPO operations, acquisition of shareholding control;
  • Participation in meetings and meetings of corporate management, to represent and defend customer interests;
  • Guidance of the human resources - HR sector of companies, in order to avoid labor claims;
  • Guidance, monitoring and preparation of administrative or judicial resources in the area of ​​administrative contracts (bids).

Contractual Law

Juridic Services
It operates in the negotiation and elaboration of contract modalities, ranging from business pertinent to the normal course of the companies to operations of great complexity, involving national and foreign parties.

  • Analysis and negotiation of contracts aiming the legal and patrimonial guarantee of the client;
  • Advice relating to the drafting and execution of various contracts, such as contracts for incorporation and alteration of companies, branches, branches and subsidiaries, as well as associations, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations of public interest;
  • Miscellaneous purchase and sale agreements;
  • Public deed regularization of property;
  • Contracts for the supply of goods and services for the distribution, franchise and leasing of goods;
  • Commercial representation and agency agreements;
  • Advice on employment contracts;
  • Contracts in regulated sectors, such as banking, healthcare and electricity and wind contracts;
  • Electronic contracts.

Environmental Law

Juridic Services
Has solid experience in the area of ​​environmental law, both in preventive and administrative and / or judicial litigation, developing activities such as defense in public civil actions and appeals against fines and abusive assessments, environmental licensing, advice to municipalities and legal entities, and advice on land acquisition and existing environmental damage.

  • Legal advice regarding environmental legislation and interaction with environmental regulators, together with companies specialized in technical and environmental advice;
  • Audit of hidden liabilities (environmental and future labor), making on-site inspections to assess and expose all business risks;
  • Participation in public hearings, interdiction and fine of industrial activities, negotiations with governmental and non-governmental organizations, preparation of studies on activities in protected areas, civil and criminal investigations, public civil actions and environmental auditing;
  • Participation in environmental audit and certification processes (ISO series), in addition to working with government agencies at all levels of government for the purpose of obtaining environmental licensing (prior, installation and operation) and multidisciplinary teams of environmental studies. environmental impacts (EIA) and related reports (RIMA).

Oil Law, Natural Gas and Renewable Energy

Juridic Services
Provides legal advice to companies in the upstream and downstream segments of the Oil Industry, Natural Gas and Biofuels¸ with emphasis on guidance for contracting, as well as judicial and administrative litigation.

Brands and Patents

Juridic Services
It operates in the segment of copyright and industrial property, both preventively and in administrative and judicial litigation.

  • Assistance in all procedures for registration and protection of trademark, patent, software, copyright, domain name, industrial design and geographical indication in Brazil and abroad;
  • Preparation, analysis, negotiation and registration of contracts involving licensing and assignment of intellectual property rights.

Internacional Right

Juridic Services
He advises on the negotiation of international contracts for foreign individuals, legal entities, entities and governments.

  • Specialized advice to foreign investors;
  • Facilitation of the residence visa (work, temporary and permanent visas);
  • Acquisition of goods in the country;
  • Commercial purchase and sale operations;
  • Technology transfer and insurance;
  • Assistance to processes and interests involving Brazilian and foreign companies.

Family Law

Juridic Services
It has outstanding performance in family law and inheritance law, always seeking to anticipate the disputes relevant to these legal branches and offer the most expeditious and effective solution.

Consumer Law

Juridic Services
It acts in the monitoring of judicial processes always aiming at the respect and the protection of the consumer's rights.

Labor Law

Juridic Services
It promotes the guidance and advice of clients aiming at the prevention of litigation, as well as follows up and sponsors labor claims and actions in the field of social security law.